Serving Happiness, Together

Kverneriet is a family owned hospitality group that’s highest priority is Serving Happiness to our colleagues and guests.

Established with the desire to create the best possible workplace for our team and unforgettable experiences for our guests, we do so through our passion for food, beverage and hospitality. That’s why we prioritise ensuring our team is fully qualified, happy and motivated to be the best they can be and free to create extraordinary experiences.

As Kverneriet Group continues to grow we are constantly looking for exceptional people to join us on this journey of creating exciting and unique brands.

If you love to work with high quality ingredients, talented people and believe in Serving Happiness, then we would love for you to join us!

This is what drives us:

Watch the Growth through learning video

Growth through learning

With passion and creativity make sure that you have the necessary tools and support to grow in your profession and within the company.

Watch the Growth through learning video

Serve Excellence

We strive to always deliver above expectations in everything we do. To do the best we possibly can.

Watch the Growth through learning video

Hospitality first, always

Hospitality is at the core of what we do. To care about our guests and the people we work with, every single day.

Watch the Growth through learning video

Work with integrity

To have a happy and thriving workplace it is important that everyone does their part. Building a strong relationship through open and honest communication.